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There are now endless ways that visuals can capture your audiences attention and give your event a spectacular edge. Coupled with our skilled creative designers, we can provide event concept visualisations as well high definition 3D projected graphics with set designs – this is not only visually pleasing and entertaining to a live crowd but provides a chance to create a viral sensation!


What is 3D mapping/projections?

3D video-mapping is a new technology that stands out amongst other marketing techniques through the ability to animate stationary objects with 3D videos. With the use of powerful projectors, along with a creative animation on objects such as complex industrial landscapes, buildings, small indoor or outdoor objects or theatrical stages (irrespective of contours, shape and size) this technique creates eye catching optical illusions. 


Synergy Production House are proud owners of a fleet of new Epson EBL1755U projectors that are extremely bright 15 000 lumen, WUXGA, 3 LCD, lazer projector offering outstanding plug and play reliability with 4K enhancement technology. These projectors are best in their class offering vivid clarity and rich colours with highly vivid sharp projections.


View videos of 2 different festivals where 3D mapping and AV designs was supplied:

3D Mapping Gallery