Synergy Production House lighting design

We know what it takes to create an alluring atmosphere or enticing light show for a live band at a festival.
Using a blend of today’s best lighting equipment & technology and our experienced and creative lighting engineers we can bring your idea to life. Our lighting inventory features the very latest in intelligent SGM LED fixtures that are waterproof, energy efficient and reliable.


Overview of our Lighting Equipment:

      • Intelli-lights / moving heads
      • Dimmers
      • Washes
      • Floods
      • Strobes
      • Spots with or without gobos
      • Follow spots
      • Profiles
      • Smoke machines
      • Lighting consoles


Synergy Production House are specialists in large scale events & festivals and are Brand Ambassadors for SGM Light in Southern Africa –
here’s why we have chosen to standardize our lighting equipment using SGM Lights:


SGM is a forerunner in launching new technology and offers purely high-quality IP65/66-rated luminaires with a patented built-in dehumidifier in all fixtures.

Though SGM has grown to be a large global player in the business, the company remains purely Danish with all fixtures designed and manufactured at the company headquarters.

SGM has gathered one of the most experienced R&D teams in the world who, by focusing on innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology, has created a range of lighting products to help creative and visionary lighting designers tell their stories through light so whether you need to illuminate a structure or landscape, or enhance the audience experience with stage lighting, we make it possible with our unique products. Our products are used globally at all types of stage events and venues, including concerts, theatre productions, films, exhibitions, theme parks, and art installations.

Our extensive stage lighting range includes products such as moving heads, wash, strobe and flood lights, effect lighting, and controls. SGM products undergo rigorous testing and development, ensuring you top-of-the-line LED fixtures that provide superior performance.

An extraordinary light show demands extraordinary luminaires. We won’t let you down. Serious. There is no second chance in showbiz and you won’t have to even think about it when using SGM powerful and waterproof luminaires.

The only limitation is your imagination …


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